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Apple iTunes Planning Video Store

According to a BetaNews story, “bloggers” have found some hidden code in the Apple iTunes music download store which suggests that Apple will be adding video download services to iTunes. Adding videos to iTunes may also be a sign from the heavens that new Video iPods will be launching this year, perhaps in time for the Christmas shopping season. Regardless, as the pay-per-download market expands via Apple, Yahoo, MSN and other service providers, video is an obvious addition - especially with the rapid growth of broadband.

From BetaNews : Bloggers have discovered an image resource within iTunes 5 that suggests Apple has future plans for a video store. Three buttons with the terms “Gift Video,” “Buy Video,” and “Add Video” were found along with references to a “protected MPEG-4 video file” within text strings in the code of iTunes 5.

Rumors have been circulating around the Internet in recent months saying Apple had plans for some kind of video store, as well as a video-enabled iPod. Apple started selling music videos with some of its music tracks in May, and the Wall Street Journal reported that Apple had mentioned a video iPod to music labels back in July.


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Google takes ad sales to print! How amazing!
See the following page.

Google is expanding its lucrative Internet advertising network into the print world in a bold attempt to capture traditional ad dollars.

The search king, which makes 99 percent of its revenue from Internet ads, is quietly testing the waters of print advertising sales, according to executives at several companies that have bought the ads. Google recently began buying ad pages in technology magazines, including PC Magazine and Maximum PC, and reselling those pages--cut into quarters or fifths--to small advertisers that already belong to its online ad network, dubbed AdWords.

"We were approached by Google two and a half months ago, telling us that they were starting this print advertising campaign," Michael Keen, president of Inksite, one of the five advertisers in PC Magazine, said Monday. "Because we had been one of their AdWords advertisers, they thought we would be a good candidate to try their new advertising" effort.

The experiment, as it is described by the companies buying the ads, is Google's latest foray into display advertising and another big step toward becoming a one-stop shop for ad sales, whether online or offline. The trial also marks the first time the company has ventured offline with any of its products, according to industry watchers.
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