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I think that Google ADwords will advance into mass medeia.Google had already went into the Magazine space by ADwords device.It has begun to mass...
What is the next?

Brings Radio Advertising to Google AdWords Advertisers

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - January 17, 2006 - Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) today announced it has agreed to acquire dMarc Broadcasting, Inc., a Newport Beach, Calif.-based digital solutions provider for the radio broadcast industry.

dMarc connects advertisers directly to radio stations through its automated advertising platform. The platform simplifies the sales process, scheduling, delivery and reporting of radio advertising, enabling advertisers to more efficiently purchase and track their campaigns. For broadcasters, dMarc's technology automatically schedules and places advertising, helping to increase revenue and decrease the costs associated with processing advertisements.

In the future, Google plans to integrate dMarc technology into the Google AdWords platform, creating a new radio ad distribution channel for Google advertisers.

"Google is committed to exploring new ways to extend targeted, measurable advertising to other forms of media," said Tim Armstrong, vice president of Advertising Sales, Google. “We anticipate that this acquisition will bring new ad dollars and accountability to radio by combining Google’s expansive network of advertisers with dMarc’s talented team and innovative radio advertising technology. We look forward to working together to continue to grow and improve the ecosystem of the radio industry.”

“We are excited to be joining one of the most innovative companies in the world,” said Chad Steelberg, CEO of dMarc Broadcasting, Inc. “We are bringing together complementary visions of simplicity, efficiency, and accountability to the radio advertising process.”

dMarc customers will not experience any interruption in service. For more information on dMarc Broadcasting, please visit

Transaction and Financial Information

Under the terms of the merger agreement, Google will acquire all of the outstanding equity interests in dMarc, a privately held company, for total up-front consideration of $102 million in cash. In addition, Google will be obligated to make additional contingent cash payments from time to time if certain product integration, net revenue and advertising inventory targets are met over the next three years. The maximum amount of potential contingent payments is $1.136 billion over the next three years. Since these contingent payments are based on the achievement of performance targets, actual payments may be substantially lower. The acquisition is subject to customary closing conditions. Google anticipates that the acquisition will close in the first quarter 2006. Substantially all of the payments will be accounted for as part of the purchase price for the transaction.

It's amazing.I think so that Google will be the greatest competitor, and...I hope so.

Google has suggested it may consider setting up an online book store.
Google CEO Eric Schmidt told reporters at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that this would depend on permission from copyright holders.
The web giant has been electronically scanning thousands of volumes and has put some online.
But its plans to create an index to all the world's books have run into opposition from publishers and authors.
Paid for downloads
Google has gradually been expanding its empire beyond its origins in search.
Last week Google launched an online video store during a keynote speech by its co-founder Larry Page at CES.
The venture is the first time Google has enabled its users to pay for premium content.
While commercial video downloads are relatively new, e-books have been available for years, though they have failed to take off.
Sony is also trying to invigorate demand for e-books. At CES, it launched a new portable device to read e-books and announced deals with major publishers to sell them online.
Asked if Google would consider doing something similar, Google CEO Eric Schmidt said: "Subject to permission from the copyright holder, yes. I want to be clear on that."
Sell more books
During a briefing with international journalists at CES, Mr Schmidt and Mr Page sought to reassure concerns about Google's book digitisation project.
"Google book search is about building the world's largest card catalogue," said Mr Schmidt. "We are not taking copyrighted information".
Google is working with Harvard University, Stanford University, the University of Michigan, the New York Public Library and Oxford University on the digitisation project.
But the plan has run into legal challenges that temporarily halted the systematic scanning operation.
"You are certainly seeing a bit of negotiation by public relations," said Mr Page.
"We are not letting you read the book from the library until we have rights from the publishers, which they will give us as it will help them sell more copies."
As well as concerns from groups representing publishers and authors, Google faces competition from a similar rival plan to scan books by the Open Content Alliance.
The group counts Microsoft, Yahoo and the Internet Archive among its backers.
c.f. BBC

先日、NHK BSで中国中央電視台のゴールデンのタイム枠入札の模様をやっていた。
入札総額は52.48 億元で前年同期比27.5%の増加らしい。
今回は100 社が参加し、落札額が最も大きかったのはP&G の3.8 億元と、中国でもNo.1となったP&G。さすが。




J-WAVE(六本木6)は1月7日、エルメスの提供による新番組「HERMÈS L'AIR DE PARIS」を開始する。同番組は、毎週土曜日20時から約1時間に渡って放送されるもので、ナビゲーターには同局番組「RENDEZ-VOUS」なども務めるVieVieさん。ファッションをはじめ、音楽やアート、グルメ、ナイトライフといったパリ発のライブ感あるトピックスを交え、仏ファッション雑誌「ジャルーズ」の元編集長のアレキサンドラ・セネスさんによる「パリのいま」を3分間で紹介するコーナーや、文学や映画、演劇、政治家など様々なジャンルの注目の人物をゲストに招くコーナー(第1週は女性音楽プロデューサーのベアトリス・アルディッソンさん)などを用意している。 「HERMÈS L'AIR DE PARIS」はこちら



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